The Roughest Path Called The Beginning

Ah, the beginning.

You don’t really know what to expect and what you’re in for, but you step in anyway. Finding your way around is another struggle — it’s a lot like walking in the dark, your arms outstretched to make sure you don’t go bumping into things. Worse, you might not even know where to begin, and all the more unsure about where you’ll end up.

I’m currently at the beginning. I’d even say I’m a bit stuck here. I just graduated from university (well, I’d like to put it that way even though it’s been almost three months) and I’m still waiting for a road map, even though I know deep in my heart that it does not exist.

Which brings me here. I like to write, and if I have to write for the rest of my life, you won’t hear a single word of complaint. Unfortunately, passion isn’t everything in this world — one does not simply survive with passion alone. In other words, I need a job, one that actually pays a decent salary. More unfortunately, I’m still stuck in the phase where I firmly believe that the perfect job exists and that it’s just taking some time to get to me, and for me to find it. What can I say, after all the crap life has thrown my way, I still got some idealism left in me. Probably will always do.

Anyway, so the blog. I’ve written for quite some time now — poems, stories, anything actually — but I don’t show them to many people, so this is a really new thing for me. Then again, novelty presents unpredictability — which is an exciting thing. Beginnings, rough paths as they may be, are quite exciting (though very, very unsettling.)

I’m still positively positive about life and the future though. All is well.


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