Lucid Reality

First things first, one interesting fact about me is I’m a lucid dreamer – I can control my dreams and experience them with all my senses, like virtual reality. It’s really pretty cool. I started learning it about three months ago, and now I can proudly say that I’ve learned it. I wouldn’t say I’ve mastered the science/art of lucid dreaming but I’m getting there. I have lucid dreams lasting up to an hour from time to time, even when I don’t induce it.

Imagine a virtual reality wherein you can do everything, anything you have ever wanted to do, even the impossible, with all your senses active to heighten the experience, in such a way that it feels real.

Awesome, huh?

So this morning, I was woken up at around 9.30 in the morning by the giggles of my three-year-old nephew as he crept into my bed. I played with him for a while, tickled him here and there, mostly on the stomach, before finally figuring out I don’t really want to get up yet. When he left, I closed my eyes and had an unintentional lucid dream. Unintentional, but I’ve been hoping for one for the past few days.

It was a string of dreams – I can’t vividly recall every detail. What I know is that it started out with me and three of the first people I met back in uni. We’re not that close, really, and they’re older than me, but I guess they’ve somehow managed to take a spot in my subconscious. We were in my brother’s room (what, why?!) and having a fun conversation I don’t remember. And then, I got bored and tried to switch the scene, and ended up in a little concert(ish).

Oh, before I forget, let me tell you that lucid dreaming also has levels of lucidity. Full lucidity means you can control everything in the dream, so you can guess what the lower levels do – less control, or more effort to control the dream. I guess this recent lucid dream has 65% lucidity, as I experienced the dream with my senses, but can’t quite control it.

(I’ve tried going inside the telly with Cher Lloyd’s music video of Want U Back and only got my head through. If you know the logic of lucid dreaming, you’d get the illustration. Then again, the television trick hasn’t worked well for me ever since, but this is a different kind of fail.)

I don’t know why this particular person keeps showing up in my dreams, way before I knew how to lucid dream, but I’m guessing he’s like tattooed on my subconscious at this point. It’s like he’s permanently residing in there, I might as well ask him to pay rent soon. Anyway, he was in the little concert and we had a little moment that filled me with glee deep inside, made butterflies in my stomach flutter, my eyes twinkle, etcetera, etcetera.

It was a lucid dream. Of course you hung out with me and embraced me before we parted ways. Of course, you told me you were happy I was there and that you were glad to see me. Of course, you made me feel special in that little moment.

Of course, it was a lucid dream – a product of my subconscious mind. That was how I willed it to be.

Of course, it made it seem like you wanted me back.


At around thirty minutes past twelve, I woke up, still not wanting to get up but it’s too late in the day to sleep in some more.

Oh, one more thing. The only thing that sucks about lucid dreams? It’s only a dream, no matter how real it feels.


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