She is German, he isn’t. Every day, they pass each other in the halls. Every day, they get to see each other. Every day, he gets the chance to talk to her but he never does.

She always smiles at him whenever they see each other in the hallway in the morning, just before going to classes. This simple routine gets him every time, makes his day EVERY SINGLE TIME.

He has seen all her faces. He has seen her right after she had just woken up, her green eyes still swollen from sleep, with the occasional bed marks on her bare face.  He has seen her in a simple white tank top and shorts, her hair uncombed and messy yet still pretty.

He has seen her in her best, in her beautiful pale pink night gown with glittering diamonds on it, her hair in a beautiful up-do. She has make up on even when she has no need for it, because she’s equally beautiful with or without it. Maybe even more beautiful without it.

He has seen her laugh, and man, is she beautiful. She has the prettiest lips and the most beautiful smile to go with it. Every afternoon, he stays at the dorm living room, stealing glances at her as she chats with her friends. And laughs. And smiles. And sits there being pretty. And beautiful. And breathtaking.

They know each other by name and face, but they don’t really know each other. But he believes that he’d immediately fall in love with her if given the chance. Maybe he already has. But that would be stupid. Then again, he is stupid.

Speaking of stupid, he knows he is. If he isn’t, he would’ve talked to her a long time ago. If he could. But he didn’t know German. Or even English, which she understands a bit. And he’s too dumb to learn. He knows because he has tried. It was tremendously difficult – it was easier to give up.

And so he did.

Maybe it just isn’t meant to be?

Every day, they pass each other in the halls, with him too embarrassed of himself, too preoccupied with his trivial self-esteem issues, or the fact that they’re of different race, to notice the subtle longing in her eyes every time.

Every day, they get to see each other.

Every day, they get the chance to talk but they never do.


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