Forgive Yourself

Forgive yourself for the pain you may or may not have brought upon yourself, whatever the cause may be. Be it due to stupidity, wrong choices and decisions, or a weakness — learn to forgive.

Forgive yourself for being paralyzed over the loss of a heart’s desire. Forgive yourself for feeling down, alone, or just sad.

Let yourself indulge on your comfort food in unhealthy amounts. Let yourself want to stay in bed all day while acting like a mindless zombie. Let yourself cry your heart out to sleep, and in the process, maybe even get the longing to take it all back. Let the tears fall without guilt, without hating yourself for being in this pitiful position. Curse, throw a fit, shout until you’re satisfied. Whatever it takes to get the feelings out of your chest. Let yourself cry and wail and grieve — and forgive yourself for it.

You may be in a place where it’s dark and everything seems gray, and it may or may not be your fault. It’s okay to feel the pain — feel in every depth of the word, and react to it. You’re human and you’re vulnerable, and pain and loneliness is part of being alive. Immerse yourself in this indication that you’re alive — and living. Exercise your right to be a human with emotions, both good and bad.

It’s okay to feel the melancholy, it’s okay to act like a human being who’s hurt and helpless. Then again, respect yourself enough to accept things that are no longer within your control. Respect yourself enough to see past this seemingly hopeless situation and move on.

Go ahead and cry if you have to. After all, you’re only human. Forgive yourself for this frailty, and rise above it.

Emerge as someone stronger than this.


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