The idealistic, optimistic, midnight thoughts on love of a girl in her bed clothes

So I’ve been looking at pictures of this guy I’m crushing on and I can’t help but think, “I’ll never be good enough for him.” He’s popular, he has killer vocals, and in a band. A popular band at that. And here I am, a normal girl in an oversized tee and shorts, in her bedroom facing her laptop, staring at pictures of him, having her breath taken away with every sight of him. And I think to myself, “How could I ever be noticed by someone like that? I’ll never be good enough.”

Which gets me to thinking. Why does it always have to be that way? Why do we think that it’s about being good enough for someone you like or love? We get discouraged if the other person is ‘out of our league.’ But then again, who can say for sure what that’s about? When we love, isn’t it because we feel the way we do about the other person, and that other person makes you feel the way you do? Why would we let insignificant details such as social status, age, physical appearance, etc. get in the way of letting our feelings for that person known? Why do we think that these sort of things matter?

If you love someone and you want to be with him or her, all you have to have with you is your feelings and a sound mind. A sound mind is important at all times anyway. When love’s genuine and sincere and sturdy, it’s hard to not be felt. The most essential weapon you have is your love, and if you have that, it’s pretty much safe to say that you’re ready to jump into the battlefield. As for the battle, no one really knows what could happen. No one ever really knows until he or she gets there, and when you get there, you give it your all. You give it your all no matter what.

Love doesn’t choose, and it will never be a question of whether you’re good enough for the one you love or not. It doesn’t work that way. So it’s really, really stupid to give up on someone just because you think you’re not good enough. Because you are, your love has made sure of that.


One thought on “The idealistic, optimistic, midnight thoughts on love of a girl in her bed clothes

  1. *thumbsss up* 🙂 anyone can fall in love any day — normal or regular people around you fall in and out of love — and you are not an exception 🙂

    Just love 🙂 we should be happy when we fall in love even if our object of affdction doesn’t feel that way. Being blessed with the feeling and the capacity to feel “love” are more than enough reasons to celebrate the beauty of life 🙂

    Live and love ❤

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