You Do It Like This

When you have a certain love for music, it’s hard not to develop the urge to bop along to the beat. Yes, even when the result is not a pretty sight. If you can dance and look graceful while doing it, then good for you.

I am a dancer, deep inside. I grew up a shy girl, who for some reason always ended up dancing for school presentations. I won’t say I’m good at it; I’m probably an average. It takes me some time to learn a choreography, memorize, and perfect it. I hated it when I make mistakes during a routine, and I let it get to me. Hence, it became a frustration. I gave up dancing around my sophomore year in high school, a decision I now regret.

I talked to a friend who convinced me, finally, to let go of my fear of trying and looking stupid in the process. I will forever be thankful to that almost, self-actualized friend; I don’t know what trick she pulled on me, but it worked. I’m no longer scared to try (and look stupid), and I feel braver, stronger.

Now, I am learning a new dance — Like This by Wonder Girls. For someone who’s just getting back to dancing, this is a difficult routine. I mean, it already is, all the more for a newbie (sort of) like me. Boy, is the beat so fast and the steps so snappy. Then again, I’m alright with looking stupid trying to dance this, because the day I no longer do would be a victory.

I realized that if you want something, you have to be bold enough to take the first step. Be courageous, because the one thing that gets in your way most of the time is you — your inhibitions.

Sure, you may look stupid trying for the first few times, but then you get over it. The thing is, you get there. You’ll get there. You won’t be forever stuck in trying, you’ll eventually be good, even great. You just have to believe, and I don’t just mean believe — I mean believe it so fiercely it becomes a reality in your projected future. Never give up, and keep up the faith.

And when I finally perfect the choreograph to Like This, I’ll post a video of me dancing it. Just so I can show you that you can achieve whatever you want when you truly set your heart and mind to it, no matter how hard it is in the start. Of course, if you step up to it and try.

And because I wrote a post about it, I feel more obligated to learn the dance than ever. XD


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