You Had A Bad Day

Yes. We all have those days. Days when it seems like the world conspires so you’ll eventually grow to hate everything that ever existed on the planet, heck, even the ones that don’t. You just hate everything, and just when you thought it couldn’t possibly get worse — well, it just does.

Aaaah, those days. And you’re not even PMS-ing.

Just had one of those days. I had a mild asthma attack and hence didn’t get much sleep. And then squished by public transportation on the way to work. I got to my editorial job (not the good, exciting kind, it gets sort of boring if you ask me, I mean, I’d much rather be writing than editing, oh I’m rambling, aren’t I) and had to work on some pretty horrible, gruesome, brutal things. My brain practically screamed, “No, please let me out of this misery!!! Let this end, oh great, merciful heavens.”

Seriously. It did. My brain gets awkwardly poetic at times.

Anyways. Yeah. I just wanted to throw myself in front of a bus. I mean, with everything that’s been going on in my life, i.e. things not sailing so smoothly with matters of the heart, I might as well — like my wonderful brain had suggested — end the misery.

But I looked at my wrist. I was wearing the friendship bracelets my BFFs (yes I got plenty whatchasayboutthat!!!). Then I was reminded of the weekend I had. Sleepover, strolling and catching up with friends, milk tea, him, you know — beautiful things in life we tend to forget when life’s being a pain in the arse. Bitch.

Yes, there was, at some point in my life — our lives — whej we felt genuinely happy. Like nothing else matters but that moment, and your heart is aching with love, be it in a romantic light or not.

The bad days are not forever. It’s just one day. Other days, even not as frequent, I remember my heart overflowing with emotions in a good way.

It’s just a day. Just one of those days.

So when it all suddenly becomes too hard to bear, remember that it’s just a bad day. It’s not necessarily a bad life.

Have a good day and show the world your beautiful set of teeth. Smile. Let the world know that it’s not going to bring you down.

Let yourself be happy. Now.


2 thoughts on “You Had A Bad Day

  1. Bad days are not that bad once in a while. They make you appreciate the good days even more. But I only feel that way once the day is over 😉

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