Do I Know You?

Wide awake.
Eyes more than open.

I’ve never had this sensation in a while, like everything is more vivid, more in focus. Like I was just born, seeing the world through new lenses.

Yes. I feel every vein, every nerve, every inch, throbbing inside me. Inside, there’s something stirring, something I can’t quite put my finger on — no, not quite.

I was alive.

Chest heaving, pounding, heart racing against skin. Suddenly, the world boasted much more colors — a grand display of the wonders of the human eye. I was alive.

My hands, arms, legs, wandering and I’m in full control. I let them wander like a sort of daring, unusual pleasure.

Tremble. Go on, forever, over and over… until it burns, until it blows your mind. Satiate whatever the soul thirsts for.

I fill up the nostrils with the smell of existence, my very own.

No resistance. None at all. I let it all consume me. At this moment, I push my body back up to the edge.

I’m alive.


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