To All Things Better

The past is a lesson; never forget the wisdom it brought you. It’s fuel to moving forward.

It’s almost 2014 and there’s room for nothing but better things to come. No sulking, no regrets, no missing. 2014 is for growth, for wonder, for surprises, for achieving bigger things.

With the ending of 2013 I’m leaving what’s been dragging me down, letting go of relationships that are more trouble than it’s worth, putting down extra baggage that no longer benefits me. Will not be looking back but at the same time not forgetting.

This year has taught me so much about acceptance — accepting that all things are impermanent. Even the ones that used to be dearest to you are not meant to stay forever. The world is a big one; there’s so much more to explore, things to experience, people to meet, emotions to feel.

Bring it on, world, because I’m no longer weak. I’m no longer afraid. I’m no longer running.

I’m ready for all of it.


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