You’re Missing from Me

Missing you this much should be illegal.

They say that people think about themselves 90% of the time, which justifies not giving a shit about what other people think because chances are they’re not thinking about you at all.

Well aren’t you one lucky motherfucker, being on my mind all the time. You’re all I ever think about. It kills me but you know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Maybe I’m falling without realizing it. And I’m not even gonna resist it. Not this time.

I miss you. Or as the French say, tu me manques — you are missing from me.

Just be here already. Please?


I Don’t Even Like You

Let’s get this straight — I don’t like you.

Your corny jokes annoy me. They’re not witty. Just…well, corny. Even those subtle, flirtatious(?) playing around — I hate them. They’re too shallow and petty, they make me burst into laughter. Real laughter. Which is hard to come by, so for that I guess I owe you a ‘thank you.’ Well, thank you. Still does not mean that I like them in the slightest!

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